Bua Bang Bai (Lost Lotus)

Bua Bang Bai (Lost Lotus)

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Size : width 0.8 cm x length 1.5 cm

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Takrud “Bua Bang Bai” ( Lost Lotus)

Blessed by Reverend Grandfather Kruba Por Sri Suchitto, Ban Sob Kong, Lampang province, 91 years old.


This Lost Lotus Leaf, being so rare is sought after by many amulet collectors due to the magic it holds a certain magic that not a lot of monk has practiced.


If you are in a relationship with someone and you feel that they have lost their feelings for you. This is for you.


If you have friends and family members that you feel you have lost connection with. This is for you.


This amulet will make people around you realize the good in you, making them fall in love with you all over again, making your intimacy better, relationship better, attraction better


You will never feel the shortage of love & affection. You’re spouse will open his eyes to the love that was once there. He will stop finding fault with you, stop arguments, even stop scrolling looking at other girls. Because the attraction he had on you when he first laid his eyes on you is back at the door.


But this is not enough, if you have conquered love benefits and think that your wealth need boosting.. this amulet offers this as well


If you feel that you keep enduring and having the thoughts of not having enough money. This lotus flower will make sure that you have enough until you are satisfied.


Be it career progression, smooth business, top sales, enough food on the table, spare cash for shopping, for travel. Isn’t this the stress we all have?


With typical buang bang bai, you can use this to put under your pillow and think about the one you want to rekindle your relationship with before you sleep at night.


Bua Bang Bai powder, paranormal powder, Thep Ranjuan rolled up into a takrut to give you this benefits for your life to change only to be good and better.


Use this takrut to rub on the face before doing business, negotiating, trading, meeting friends and new people, customers.making people see you resulting in kindness, affection and fascination.


#Genuine from the temple directly. Because of the rarity, the price is higher.

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