Beik Sap

Beik Sap

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Size : Width 0.9 x Length 2.6 cm.

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Blessings by LP Yul
Wat Nong Phamak

Key Benefits: Wealth & Anti-xiaoren, Career progression

This amulet opens the floodgates of wealth, allowing for maximum abundance to flow effortlessly towards the worshipper.

It unlocks pathways for money to flow in from all directions, ensuring prosperity and financial success.

May you experience extraordinary wealth, skyrocketing luck, and unparalleled fortune.

Success in all job endeavors and thriving business ventures across various trades.

It serves to eliminate obstacles, neutralize adversaries (anti-xiaoren), and conquer competitors, ensuring victory and triumph.

universal katha 3x followed by

Sum pa jit cha mi na sung
si mo prom ma ja ma ha te va sup
pe yuk cha pa la yun ti prom
ma ja ma ha te va a pi la
pa pa won tu may ma ha boon
no ma ha la po pa won tu may mite
pa hu ha ti put ta ma a au
na mo put ta ya vi la ta yo
vi la ko na yong vi la hung
sa vi la ta see vi la ta sa vi la
ei ti yo put tus sa ma nee ma ma

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