Aut Ahun by Lp Nim

Aut Ahun by Lp Nim

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Takrud “Aut Ahun”
(Full of money)

Blessed by Phra kru SunantaChot
(Luang Pu Nim)
Wat Putthamongkol, Suphanburi province

This has 6 pieces

Size: Width 0.6 cm x Length 2.1 cm

Takrud Attha-un
Luang Pu Nim, Wat Phuttha Mongkol, Suphanburi

At = money
Aun = fat and muscular

Attha-un means a lot of money, a lot of money, or it means having a lot of money slipping into your pocket. Strong steady flow of income. More money only!

This kind of name is a takrud related to money especially Luang Pu Nim, made from the magic of Jindamanee to attract wealth, meat, and fish.

“Na hao” is a magnet, attracting wealth and money to come to you.

First auspicious time of this morning, place the Jindamanee Yantra on your heart. It will help bring good fortune and money as desired.

Attha-un = equal to having a lot of satang.
A lot of satang is not difficult to happen to someone who has this takrud. But wait a minute.
Luang Pu said to always remember: if you want to have wealth a1 nd become a permanent millionaire, for trading easy to buy and sell well, you must make merit at least 5 cents a day. Do it forever. If you can do it, you will be rich continuously, rich for a long time.


Universal Katha 3x followed by:

U Aa Ka Sa Aa Ka Sa U Ka sa U Aa Sa U Aa Ka Thewa Thahohi bprasittime

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