9 Tailed Fox – Heart

9 Tailed Fox – Heart

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9 TAIL FOX 九尾狐 QUEEN OF CHARM by Kruba Paiwan

  • The Nine-tail Fox amulet attracts love and marriage luck, protecting wearers and their relationships from 3rd-party interference.
  • It enhances attractiveness over time and is recommended for singles seeking partners.
  • The amulet brings wealth and good fortune in business, gambling, and other endeavors.
  • It boosts persuasion and influencing power, leading to success in negotiations and sales.
  • It transforms bad luck into good fortune and improves career prospects, potentially leading to bonuses and promotions.
  • The amulet also offers protection from harm in various aspects of life.


นะโม 3จบ

นะโมพุทธายะ นะเมติ เอหิ เอหิ ปิยัง มะมะ (สวด3จบ)

Namo tassa pakawato a-rahato Sammamish samputtassa – 3 times

Namoputtaya nameti aehe aehe piyang mama – 3 times


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