7 Au Tee Ka yu” 2nd Edition by LP Nim

7 Au Tee Ka yu” 2nd Edition by LP Nim

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Takrud “7 Au Tee Ka yu” 2nd Edition

Blessed by Phra kru SunantaChot
(Luang pu Nim)
Wat Putthamongkol, Suphanburi province

Size: Width 1.1 cm x Length 3 cm


“A pile of diamonds the size of a high mountain, the diamonds covering the entire pile of Takruds, a 7-colored aura bursting out of them, shining brightly.” This vision rose when LP Nim was consecrating this version of the 7 Takruds.

Hence, the given name of this Takrud 7 – Takrud 7 Uthikayu.

Layered with gold leaf, a lead plate covered with Luang Pu’s robes. Braided brown rope 3 cm long.

The most difficult Yantra to make is the 7 “Chula Kite” U” and the Phet Chaliew Yantra.

This talisman is truly excellent.

Anyone who encounters it is considered to be a “super-person”. It has an enormous power, a great talisman that can change lives.

1 · Anti-Xiaoren, “U” emerging from spite of all women.

2 · Protection from enemies, demons, toxic friends, and danger. The word “U” means escape from danger in pity.

3 · It is a way to develop, gain rank, and progress at work. The word “U” makes the followers rejoice.

4 · Whoever intends to harm or has ill intentions against us, it will be reflected to them. The word “U” is for the bullies who are a danger to us.

5 · Rule over people with power, royal status, feared by all people, be the boss of the “U” people, rise to the top of the people, BOSS vibes.

6· Have a lot of wealth, rings, money, gold, and valuables flow to us, the word “U” adds six treasures to Thawee Manee.

7 · Whoever has all seven “U” will only prosper and prosper!

This Takrud is of inestimable value and is sold at shops to be worshiped in front of the shop and prayed that this Takrud will attract customers and be the source of enormous fortune.

Worshiped at home to bring good fortune, money, happy family. It is great for all people, protects from all dangers, and cannot be shot, cut, or pierced.

This Takrud has the power of great kindness and has the power to charm those who carry it with us like a picture wrapped in gold.

Nimit Phet is piled up to the size of a mountain of bright light. Think for yourself how much higher the pile of Phet Kaew Manee Thawee Thong will be when used. Imagine you are on top of the mountain and all wishes will be heard.


Katha for Takrud “7 Au Tee Ka Yu”

Universal Katha 3x followed by:

Jindamanee Saha Godti Sadtang Tewanang Manussa Tewanang Amanussa Tewanang Samaneejidtang Budtree jidtang Akajchayhi Bparitewandti Bpiyangmama Maneejindaa Bpanjatanang Tasa Gomang Tasee Gomang Bpisantassa Na Mamihang Sappechana Pahoo Chana Maha Jinda Ehi Puttang Bpiyintriyang Tewamanussaanang Bpiyonaka Supannanang Bpiyintriyang Namamihang Putto So Pakawaa Tammo So Pakawa Sangko So Pakawaa Intasaneha Prohmma Sanaeha Itthee Sanaeha Racha Tewee Manee Ragkhang Bpiyang Ma Ma Putthasangmi Nachaleethi Phra A Ra Hang Sappalapang Bprasitimae


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