4 Huu 5 Taa – Kod Sian Model

4 Huu 5 Taa – Kod Sian Model

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The Four Ears and Five Eyes – Kod Sian Model
Blessing by Kruba Bunyang, Wat Huai Nam Un, Lamphun Province

Popular amulets in the north for fortune and money. It is for those who focus on good fortune, money, and good business.

– All types of wealth
– All forms of fortune
Money comes, money doesn’t go.

Pray every day to protect you from various dangers. Overcome all dangers.
Relieve suffering from illness.
And it is great luck and fortune for those who worship and pay homage.

Katha for four ears and five eyes
(Universal Katha followed by:
ahaṃ namami, Indra, Akase ca Buddhadipangaro.
Namobuddhaya iaranam arahaṃ kusaladhamma sammāsambuddho.
Dusanaso namobuddhaya Phra Sonamayakkho Metta Mahalabhā piyaṃmā danta parivāsabho vāsuni hate hontu chaiyamangkhālāni)

(this comes with casing already, cannot be changed.) Because of its size, we recommend that this item be made as a clip, keychain or necklace.

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