Dan Dai Dun Dee

Dan Dai Dun Dee



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Takrud “Dan Dai Dun Dee” (Push forward)

Blessed by Phra kru SunantaChot
(Luang pu Nim)
Wat Putthamongkol, Suphanburi province

*Only 2pieces

Size: Width 1 cm x Length 2.5 cm


Who will this Takrud be with? It will always be higher and higher for eternity

Takrud for support


Luang Pu Nim, Phuttha Mongkol Temple, famous monk of Suphan Buri Province.

The recipe for making Madan amulets has been around for a long time. This amulet has properties to help you prevent the sickness of diseases or ease them.

Madan dead tree (the tree dies on its own) with branches soaked in water, pointing east, cutting off Wan Thongchai, awakening Krathing Wan. Cut into segments the size of Anguli. money and gold, plastered with takrud, to receive blessings.

Down in the heart, the “mind” is born. Calling everyone’s minds to push forward, push high, and encourage everyone to come and support and help, push to stand out, push as far as possible, go all the way.

Down to the heart, It takes people as the base to plant the flag of victory, as the saying goes, “Push until you get good.” Push to be higher, prosper, and progress. Carrying you to anyone who will push you, support you, give u the help you need, and accept what you say. Believe what you tell them.

The Madan tree, standing and dying, has a very mysterious power. Push us the hardest. Whoever has it cannot stay still. Everyone will support us every day in every way.

In the matter of mercy finding charm, It will come together as people will see you as hardworking, and this is what attracts people the most

Therefore, Luang Pu’s Takrud King Madan has one prohibition: for people who already have families for the results of advancement and upward pressure. Single men and single women should definitely “not use it” or they will find it has magical powers. The magical power “Pushing you all day” will find out why we didn’t warn them.

Importantly, the Takrud head is filled with the energy of the prayers of long-lost women, the energy of the prayers of lost angels, and the energy of the prayers of lost people. It has the power of kindness and great popularity. you will find that all their energy will be transferred to you

Katha Namo 3 complete
Mama Suvatthi hotu maihaṃ svahāya iti.
namo buddhassa namo dhammasa namo saṅghassasayyathitaṃ huruhuru svahāya.

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