Thewada Eep Wiman

Thewada Eep Wiman

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Takrud Thewada Eep Wiman
I’m in love with you.

Luang pu Kam Puang
Wat Wang Sai, Sa Kaeo province.

Super strong charm, it is the ever lasting love end result.

Luang Pu Khampuang has reached the pinnacle of kindness. It resounds with an excellent howl, calling upon the heavenly angels to radiate power into this takrud.

Whoever has this takrud to worship is like having a golden armor on you. Everyone’s eyes in on you and only you. It is love love love and more love.

Men and women of the opposite sex will be wanting to approach you wanting to come and say hello. Falling in love with you instantly, love at first sight, and staying with you through thick and thin.

The magic book of Luang Pu says that this is very powerful. If you get this and worship it, people will come to love you and many people will be fascinated. There are only people who devote their hearts to you and only you.

Whoever is still looking for good things of great charm, your soulmate, aiming to connect the mind and communicate wholeheartedly to you.

Those who are still single, your chance is here. They will ask to be your better half with the help of this takrud.

The more you worship the takrud, the angels who step on the castle, bring you good news. The more you arouse the power of this great charm that everyone must be obsessed with.

He / She will come to us, aiming to shine, conveying his/her feelings to us in a hot way. Whatever you say, they will do. The story of love gives great results. So now, want that bag, say it. Want that extra couple time, say it. Of course, of all things you want, it must be of good intentions.

The katha for worshiping the Takrud of angels – “Khamekekan, Dabpherakkha, Senaadekekinpuri, Senamanussa, Chapantite, Bhavissa, Khamomae.”



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