✨ 7 Chakra Set

✨ 7 Chakra Set

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✨ 7 Chakra Set (Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Yellow Calcite, Tiger Eye, and Red Jasper)

🗝️Main benefits: Balance your 7 chakra and/or work with individual crystals for their own properties

🌈 Introducing the 7 Chakra Crystal Set, blessed by LP Kram Wat Bang Kla, featuring Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Yellow Calcite, Tiger Eye, and Red Jasper, corresponding to the respective chakras.

❤️Available in two designs—round or heart-shaped (1.6 to 1.7cm). This exclusive set is not sold individually, ensuring a holistic approach to energy alignment. These crystals can be used individually for targeted chakra work or used collectively.

🔮 Ideal for placement on your desks or cupboards, they serve as aids for meditation, aligning and grounding exercises. With crystals, there are no strict guidelines, the usage is subjective, relying on your own personal beliefs and preferences. Detailed information on the unique benefits of each crystal will be provided separately.

🙏 Each set undergoes additional blessing with your name and date of birth. Please be aware that natural variations may cause slight color differences from the displayed images.

💎✨Harness the power of your Crown Chakra with Clear Quartz! Supercharge intentions, banish negativity, and achieve balance for overall well-being. Elevate focus, tap into healing properties, and amplify intentions to manifest dreams. This versatile crystal brings mental clarity, energy cleansing, and connects you with higher realms.

💜✨ Embark your Third eye chakra with the enchanting world of Amethyst Wonders! Experience the gentle energy of Amethyst, bringing soothing calmness and enhancing mental clarity for a serene mind space. Strengthen your spiritual connection as Amethyst acts as a guide to higher realms, offering protection against negativity and inviting positive vibes into your life.

💙✨ Explore the Throat Chakra with Sodalite Magic! Enhance mental focus and mindful clarity with Sodalite, fostering harmonious communication and self-expression. Elevate your intuition and inner knowing through its mystical vibes while finding emotional balance and calmness, releasing stress and anxiety. Ignite your creative spark while connecting with higher energies.

🌿✨ Captivate your Heart Chakra with Green Aventurine Magic! Let this crystal be your prosperity magnet, attracting abundance into your life while experiencing the soothing embrace of heart healing for love and emotional balance. Seize opportunities and invite luck while immersing yourself in positive vibes and embracing joy. Feel renewed energy and vitality, revitalizing your spirit, and grounding your soul.

🌞✨ Illuminate your Solar plexus Chakra with the vibrant Yellow Calcite Glow! Infuse your spirit with joyful energy, boosting confidence and radiating positivity. Unleash your creativity and experience mental clarity as Yellow Calcite clears the fog for insightful thoughts. Let it be the sunshine for your soul, bringing warmth, happiness and overflowing with optimism.

🐅👁️ Immerse your Sacral Chakra in the brilliance of Tiger’s Eye! Elevate confidence and focus with the empowering energy of this crystal, carrying a protective charm to ward off negativity. Let it be your abundance attractor, bringing prosperity into your life, while infusing courage and strength to be resilient. Experience grounded harmony by connecting with the earth’s stabilizing energy.

🔥✨ Ignite your Root Chakra with Red Jasper! Feel an energizing boost and ground yourself in strength to face challenges with resilience. Let this crystal be the passion igniter in your heart, bringing a spark to your endeavors, while achieving emotional stability and finding balance and calm. Embrace a courageous spirit and root yourself in confidence, exuding a bold and empowered presence.

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