Thank you for your interest in our amulets

1. If you’re looking for an amulet that may harm or hurt others. I am sorry but we do not sell any. We only have pure energy amulets. 

2. Know the benefits that you need and search through the shop categories

3. There is no such thing as stronger or better amulets. All amulets have their own unique benefit to help you 

4. All our amulets are blessed by monks from rituals and ceremonies from their respective temples. 


1. Register: Create one account under your name for a seamless experience.

2. Select Amulet: Choose your preferred amulet.

3. Choose Style: Decide on the style – amulet only, key chain, hook + beads, gemstones bracelet, chain bracelet, or necklace.

4. Customize: Select customization options under customization section based on your design preferences.

5. Checkout: Fill in all required information on the checkout page.

6. Communication: Chat with us in the order’s chat section post-purchase if needed.

A. Processing (Takes 2 to 3 weeks minimum)

1. Ordering from temple
2. Waiting for the temple to send
3. Us doing the casing or sending it to acrylic – acrylic takes a longer time
4. Us designing the items

B. Digital checking / Blessing

This comes almost together. It’s either u receive digital checking if your item has gemstones to check if correct, the design is correct OR It will usually go to blessing if there’s no design.

C. Shipping from Thailand – minimum takes 3 to 4 WORKING DAYS

D. Pending Arrival to Singapore – It means that your item is reaching / or is supposed to reach this point of status

This includes

1. Sorting of parcels
2. Checking of damaged items from shipping
3. Packing – Getting ready for courier/self-collection

Please advise us at this point if you are opting for self-collection.

E. Arranging for local courier –
1. This means that we are waiting for your parcel to be picked up
2. The item has been picked up and is on the way you

E. Completed. – We will change to this status when your item is no longer with us and its being couriered to you.

We reserve the right the make changes in this website and its contents at any point of time. 

Kkgems.sg is an online platform originated from Instagram. Started on 25th December 2021 in Singapore and 10+ years in Thailand.

For Shop Queries:

We do not have a shop front in Singapore. My whole team and our shop is in Thailand (Phetchabun, not BKK)

We do not see a need for a shop at the moment as our amulets come directly from temples and we offer a complimentary blessing to your name after your purchase before shipping.

Here are the moral values that you should adhere to if you want the maximum benefits from your Amulets

1. Abstain from Killing
2. Abstain from Stealing
3. Abstain from Sexual Misconduct
4. Abstain from Wrong Speech
5. Abstain from the use of intoxicated substances that may cause inattention




All items are non-refundable. 

After you have placed an Order, there will be no changes allowed. 

Shipping & Delivery

Due to high volume of orders, Please expect 2 to 3 weeks minimum before shipping from Thailand. 

This includes : 

1. Ordering and Courier from temple

2. Casing and Designing

3. Digital Checking

4. Blessing & Linking

5. Shipping to Singapore Office


For international shipping :

All Shipping has to land in Singapore and I will ship it you personally from Singpost with tracking number. The shipping price for international has now been set to $15 flat for all countries with no additional charge. 

We will not be liable for any damages occurred during delivery as we are using third party delivery services such as Eg. QExpress, Singpost etc. However, if there are any issues. We will try our best to assist you as much as possible on our end. 


For PDPA purposes, there are 2 options available for the opening ceremony of your amulets. 

1. Providing us your Full Name and Date of Birth, giving us consent for LP Kram of Wat Bang Khla to do the blessing on your behalf.

2. Follow the Opening Ceremony Katha (Under Katha menu) and doing the opening ceremony yourself. 

Alternatively, you can always go to a Thai temple locally and bring your amulets for open ceremony.

Due to the sensitivity and privacy of our customers, We do not provide videos of blessings/ linking of amulets. 

Most Asked Question

1. Don’t wear your Amulet while engaging in a sexual intercourse.

2. Wearing your amulets while sleeping may encourage good/bad dreams. It is subjective if one wants to wear it to sleep.

3. Do not wear amulets in your pants pocket as it’s very near your genitals as a form of respect.

4. One can wear as many amulets as they wish, be it odd or even numbers. It is a personal preference and not a rule. Wear it on the left to receive blessings and wear it on the right to share the blessings around you.

5. Having menses is a natural thing, we ladies go through it. There is nothing dirty or impure about it. Respect is key. Don’t wear the amulet on your hand while you are changing your used sanitary napkin, you can take it off and wear it again.

6. As long as you keep your Amulet in a clean place, you’re good to go.

7. For Amulet disposal, you can bring it back to any Thai temple.

8. As I only sell pure energy Amulets and we do blessings for you, It doesn’t matter who touches your Amulet. Your Amulet will protect you.

9. KKgems.sg takes pride in selling pure energy Amulets, taking the extra mile to bless the Amulets to your name and date of birth. The power of the Amulet remains so long as it is not broken or cracked.

10. Offerings is never compulsory for pure energy Amulets.

Please indicate your size in cm at the check out page if you have a bracelet order.

Use a measuring tape to measure your wrist size in cm.

If you do not have a measuring tape available, use a string to wrap your wrist and take a ruler to measure the string.

It is important to measure accurately so that when you receive your bracelet, it will fit you comfortably. Less hassle to make appointment to resize or send via mail.

It is up to your comfort level if you want it to fit perfectly or leave some adjustments.

1. Offering is always up to your willingness and capability 

2. simple water will do 

3. gods statues – put them higher than your waist level (Ganesha, Phra phom, Guan yin, Phra Pidta) 

4. if you put it in your bedroom – put it higher than your bed – not facing the feet of your bed directly

5. Placing of Level 

  • 1. Phra
  • 2. Guan yin / Lakshmi 
  • 3. Ganesha 
  • 4. Ai khia / nang kwak / 4e5e / garuda 
  • 6. 9tf

After Care

Metals used are mostly s925 or lower unless stated otherwise.
Due to our Singapore weather being humid, you will definitely encounter fading and tarnishing. SWEAT & WATER will make it worse.


Always protect your jewelry from sharp and hard blows, scratches, chemicals and extreme hot/cold temperatures.
Avoid direct contact with perfume, sanitizers, body lotions and other chemicals.


NON-cased Amulets might tarnish to black as Singapore’s weather is humid. Please opt for casing or acrylic casings to allow the Amulets to last longer.


Gemstone bracelets or any string-based products will have issues due to wear and tear. The strings might get looser over time especially if you wear it often, eventually leading to breakage.


Check with us for our aftercare service if your item is damaged.


Restrings are free of charge as a service to all our customers.

Metal spacers are replaceable for free but subjected to availability. 


Namo Tassa, Bhakawato, Arahato, Samma, Sambuddhassa (3x)


The Katha is like a hotline for you to be able to speak to your Amulet and for your Amulet to hear you.

Hold the Amulet between your palms and chant if you have wishes, problems or you would like to say thanks.

Bonding is good between you and your Amulet. Hearing you chant makes the Amulet closer to you.

This is the prayer to activate your amulets if you did not opt for the complimentary linking of the amulets to yourself. 


Namo Tassa, Bhakawato, Arahato, Samma, Sambuddhassa (3x)


Dhammang Ayuwattanaang Chewiwattanaang, 

Yavanippanam Sarranam 

Gachhami Sangkha Ayuwattanaang 

Shivatang Yavanippanam Sara Nang Kachami

Puthang Aradhananam Dhammang 

Aradhananam Sanghang Aradhananam Ugasa Aratha

You can use this prayers if you have intensive wishes before and after you wear your amulet


Namo Tassa, Bhakawato, Arahato, Samma, Sambuddhassa (3x)


put Thang a ra tha na nang (I beseech the buddha) 

tham mang a ra tha na nang (I beseech the dhamma) 

sang Kang a ra tha na nang (I beseech the sangkha) 


** make ur prayer and wishes 


put Thang pra sit ti Mae (may the buddha bestow me with these  blessings) 

ta manf pra sit ti Mae (may the dhamma bestow me with these blessings)

sang Kang pra si ti Mae (may the sangha bestow me with these blessings)

Namo Tassa, Bhakawato, Arahato, Samma, Sambuddhassa (3x)


U Ya Ha Sa Mahasanae Yoka Sampratid

Sampratidyoka Mahasanae Ukayasa

( 3 times)

Namo Tassa, Bhakawato, Arahato, Samma, Sambuddhassa (3x)

Makshuddhi Cheethang Mahae Sinangyilee Jeddaow (9x)

Namo tassakaeo U AH Arahang 

Sethee Ariyasub Ahang Wantami (3x) 


Kaya Waja Jidtang Ahang Wanta


Kruba Ajariyang Namamihang (3x)


This is the prayer for Cosmetics like lip balm, lip stick, oil and other items that you need to apply


Namo Tassa, Bhakawato, Arahato, Samma, Sambuddhassa (3x)


Say your wishes, then apply lightly 3x from left to right.

Namo Tassa, Bhakawato, Arahato, Samma, Sambuddhassa (3x)


Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Rama Hare


Krishna Krishna Namapatha


Yeah Yasiram Yeram

Namo Tassa, Bhakawato, Arahato, Samma, Sambuddhassa (3x)

Namoputtaya nameti aehe aehe piyang mama (3x)



Red drinks, fruits, flower garlands, cosmetics, Jewellery


If you have a wish, choose one of the following days of the week to say the katha followed by your wish. (Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday)


Namo Tassa, Bhakawato, Arahato, Samma, Sambuddhassa (3x)

Na Moo Phutta Ya
Na Maa Pa Ta
Ja Pa Ka Sa

(3 times)

Namo Tassa, Bhakawato, Arahato, Samma, Sambuddhassa (3x)


Ee Ti Ee Ti
Khuman Khai Che Di
Ja Ma Ha Thao Por
La Pa La Pa
Pha Wang Tu Mai

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